Hurray, Summer has arrived in Perth with 39C today.

A great way to cool, cleanse, hydrate and alkaline your body is drinking fresh cucumber juice. 

It is a wonderful rejuvenating drink used in Ayurveda since ancient times.

A Sanskrit synonym of cucumber is Susheetala which means cooling in nature.

Cucumber has been mentioned in many classical Ayurvedic textbooks such as Sushruta Samhita, Bhavaprakash and Dhanvatari Nighantu.

Uses of cucumber as per Ayurveda:

  • Sheetala – coolant 
  • Mutrala – increases urination
  • Basti shodhana – cleanses the urinary bladder, very beneficial in painful urination or urinary retention  
  • Trishna – thirst 
  • Klama – fatigue 
  • Daha – burning sensation
  • Chardi – vomiting
  • Raktapitta – Bleeding disorders such as nasal bleeding and heavy periods

I love using my cold pressed juicer during the summer month but if you don’t have access to one you can make it in a blender and strain it in a cheese cloth or nut milk bag (we have those available at the clinic shop).

Watch the quantity of juice your are drinking!

Nowadays juices are often served in 500 ml cups or more, according to Ayurveda this is a big NO NO! We recommend not more than 50ml to 100ml at a time.

Best to juice 1-2 medium size cucumbers. We recommend to enjoy the juice by itself and not to mix it with other fruits or vegetables to get the best therapeutic benefit.

Are you a cucumber juice LOVER? We would love to hear you preferred way to have cucumber.

We wish you a great start to summer.

With Love, Karin and the Lakshmi team.

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