From an Ayurvedic perspective, WHAT we eat is as important as HOW, WHEN and WHERE we eat. Food and the act of eating should be considered sacred.

1.Eat warm foods! Warm food helps stimulate the digestive fire and encourages healthy digestion.  

2.Eat based on the season. Try to incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables into your meals. Refrain from eating fruits after your meal. 

3.Don’t eat too much! Cup your hands together to make the shape of a bowl.This is the amount of food you should be eating during your meal. Eat only until your stomach is 2/3 full. 

4.Only drink small amounts of water when eating. Drinking too much liquid will compromise the digestion.

5.Don’t eat until you have digested your previous meal. If you eat too soon, this will strain the digestive system and decrease your agni, causing an imbalance of the doshas.

6.Only eat when you’re hungry. If you eat too soon, the undigested food can turn into Ama.

7.Try to eat at the same time each day. Developing a consistent eating schedule will create routine for your body to produce digestive juices at the routine time, assisting in digestion.

8.Eat in a positive environment with a calm and healthy state of mind. Say a prayer before your meal to increase your awareness. 

9.Don’t eat too fast or slow. This will cause irregular digestion. It is recommended you chew each bite about 32 times before swallowing.

10.Don’t eat while moving! Eating while walking or driving will distract you and remove the awareness from your meal. 

11.Concentrate on your eating. Try not to talk too much while eating.Turn off the television, put your phone away and avoid over-stimulation.

12.Eat fresh foods. Food that has spoiled, overly or under cooked will compromise the digestion. As a result, the nutrients of the food will not be assimilated in the body.

13.The energies of the cook go into the food! Make sure you are cooking and eating in a positive, sattvic environment.

Wow so much information on how to eat healthy mentioned in the classical Ayurvedic text.

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Do you follow healthy and mindful eating? 

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