A friend recently asked me for a parasite cleanse. YES this is something what can be done the Ayurvedic way! 

Ayurveda has very effective protocols for a parasite cleanse! 

The Madhava Nidanam, one of the classical texts of Ayurveda, explains the causes, complications and symptoms of parasites.

‘Krimi’ is the Sanskrit word for parasite.

What are the causes of parasites stated in the Madhava Nidanam? 

🪱 Indulging in raw foods

🪱 fermented food

🪱 excess sweet and sour tastes

🪱 incompatible foods

🪱 jaggery

🪱 avoiding physical exercise and 

🪱 day sleep

Signs of parasites may include fever, discolouration, pain or enlargement in the abdomen, disorders of the region of the heart, giddiness and diarrhea.

How to treat parasites in Ayurveda? The treatment protocol is quite complex, with resetting the digestive fire and body purification as the main line of treatment. 

Dietary changes will include easy to digest foods supplemented with herbs to help kindle the agni (digestive fire). 🔥

Clearing Ama (digestive toxins) from the body through Panchakarma treatment including virechana karma and enema basti will help to eliminate the parasites. 🪱🪱🪱🪱

Ayurvedic herbs such as kutki, bilva, neem, and even pumpkin seeds and other basic items are advised based on the needs of the patient. 🪴

Papaya seeds and pineapple are delicious and often prescribed in a parasite cleanse 

Charaka speaks about different herbs used to relieve worm infestation – these include Shigru (moringa), Maricha (black pepper), Vidanga, Nirgundi Ajamoda, Chitraka, Nimba, Pippali, Hing, and more. 🪴

If you are experiencing signs of parasites, it is important to speak to your Ayurvedic Practitioner prior to starting a cleanse or detox program. Consultations are available for booking via our website. The link to learn more is in our bio.

Wishing you a great start to the weekend!

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