Meet Emma ☺️

Emma is joining us as one of our Ayurvedic Practitioners – We are excited to have her fun and kind nature here at the clinic 🌸

Learn more about Emma below 👇🏼

Emma has been interested in the human body and health and wellness since childhood. For as far back as she can remember she would question why and how diseases treated people differently, how could she be the healthiest version of herself and then how could she help others to find the same. She loved folk medicine, in particular how cultures could transform everyday foods, herbs, and plants into medicine just by changing the way we consume them. And that this knowledge was passed through the generations remaining as powerful today as when it was first spoken of. 

Emma began her career in complimentary medicine back in 2008. Working in day spas and physiotherapy clinics during the day, with evenings spent assisting physiotherapists for Australian cricket and rugby teams. 

In 2013 she attended an open night at a small college in Perth and her life set off on a new and wonderful trajectory. The Ayurvedic practices the lectures were speaking about that night brought her a sense of belonging, they just made sense. Ayurveda had found her. 

She enrolled immediately in the Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda Course and while continuing to work as a therapist and raising her 2 children she completed her studies. 

Ayurveda feeds Emmas thirst for ongoing study and self-discovery. Since graduating Emma has furthered her studies by completing Marma Therapy courses, a Diploma of Champissage and most recently the mentoring programme at Lakshmi. 

Understanding and practising Ayurveda has brought an exciting dynamic to her work and has changed her and her children’s lives for the better. She is still in love with the tactile, hands-on aspect of healing but now feels she can do more than just fix broken people; she can help people regain control of their lives; targeting areas of concern before injury and illness ensue. 

Her goal is to share Ayurveda; its knowledge of body and mind awareness so others can use it to make the most of their lives.

More information about Emma and our staff is available via our website. The link to view is in our bio. Bookings are also available online.

We are happy to welcome Emma on the Lakshmi Team 💕

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