Learn Vedic Meditation with Erin

Highly recommended by the Lakshmi Team, check out the following details to learn Vedic Meditation with Erin Hoey 🙏🏼✨

The course will be hosted by Erin at our Lakshmi retreat centre in July from the 14th – 17th.

Attend a free online intro talk to find out more – Next Intro Talk will be Tuesday the 5th of July with a recording available.

Erin is a full-time Vedic Meditation teacher, with a clinical background as a Mental Health Clinician, and Occupational Therapist. It is her desire to help people realise their innate state of love, freedom, creativity and stability through a daily practice of meditation, alongside the application of wisdom and community support.

Vedic Meditation is an easy and effortless meditation technique that anyone can learn. Practised sitting comfortably (with back support) for 20 minutes, once – twice per day, there is no focus, concentration or control of the mind. This technique and its teachings come from the 5000+-year-old body of knowledge known as Veda, detailing the knowledge of the laws of nature and human consciousness, from which Ayurveda, yoga and meditation are derived.

Discover how simple Vedic Meditation is and how a daily practice can help you let go of toxic stresses that cause symptoms of anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and ill-health. Realise the profound impact meditation can have on your energy, happiness, creativity, sleep, mental performance, and general health and wellbeing.

By the completion of the course, you will be a confident, independent meditator and a part of our global meditation community. You’ll also gain access to a lifetime membership that supports you with free regular in-person group meditations, refresher sessions and email support.

We highly recommend enrolling in this course with Erin 💗 Check out her bio to contact her directly and for more information.

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