Have you had a bad earache before? 👂🏼 

Shalakya Tantra is the branch of Ayurveda which deals with the diagnosis and management of disease occurring above the clavicle. 👀👃🏼👂🏼👅

Shalakya Tantra is concerned with the disorders of the ears, nose, throat, eyes, neck, head and dental.

I have suffered a lot from ear aches (otitis media) in my childhood and I was only reminded very recently on how awful and debilitating an earache can be. 

Earache is called Karna shoola. 

Different types have been mentioned such as due to Vata, Pitta, Kapha and Tridoshic. Detailed description of many other disease affecting the ears are available in the classical text. 

Let’s look at a few 😊 

  • Karna srava- discharge from the ear 
  • Karna kandu – itching sensation 
  • Karna varcha- wax in the ear 
  • Karna paka – inflammatory disease with pus 
  • Karna bhadirya- deafness 
  • Karnapranada- tinnitus 

Some scholars correlate Karna srava with otitis media. Otitis media is an inflammation and infection of the middle ear characterised by an ear discharge along with swelling and pain. 

According to Sushruta Samhita 

“Karnasrava is the condition characterised by a discharge from the ear and this occurs mainly due to Avarana (obstruction) of Vata dosha”

Causative factors are mostly due to a bacterial, viral or a fungal infection but it is important to rule out any other factors such as sinus, teeth and temporomandibular joint TMJ problems. 

Karnasrava is a condition in which their is a discharge from the ear. The discharge could be watery, blood stained or yellowish. 

Nidana/ Causative factors 

  1. Cold and iced drinks 
  2. Taking a bath in rivers and pools 
  3. Entry of a foreign body into the ear 
  4. Entry of water into the ear 

Tips to prevent ear infection

  1. Avoid Kapha increasing foods, especially deep fried and sugary foods 
  2. Avoid curd, yoghurt and cold beverages
  3. Avoid cleaning your ears with a foreign object 
  4. Avoid a head bath before going to bed 
  5. Avoid diving in the ocean during the cooler month (for all of us Aussies)
  6. Avoid wind exposure especially with wet hair 
  7. Don’t keep your ayurvedic hair oil in overnight  
  8. Avoid smoking 

Some more tips: 

  1. Include turmeric, onion and garlic in your diet
  2. Daily mouth and throat gargle using warm water with turmeric and salt 
  3. Follow a kapha balancing diet
  4. Regular neti/ nasal cleansing 
  5. Regular nasya/ nasal drop application
  6. Apply a few drops of tulsi juice in the affected ear 
  7. Mustard oil infused with garlic used as ear drops. 
  8. Ayurvedic formulations such as Sitopladi, Talisadi churna and Septilin are helpful 
  9. Ayurvedic treatments such as karnapoorana, dhumapana, svedana might be recommended by your Ayurvedic practitioner
  10. Wear a scarf, hat and socks (thats my Dad’s advise) 

If you would like to find out more about the ayurvedic approach for ear health you are welcome to book an initial consultation. Email info@lakshmiayurveda.com.au 

With Love Karin and the Lakshmi team 

A big thank you to the inspirational Dr Aakash Kembhavi my lecturer in Shalakya Tantra 🙏

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