We are so thrilled to have now a male therapist within the team!

Marco has completed his Abhyanga training with Karin last November here at Lakshmi Ayurveda.

He has a great understanding of a body that has undergone physical traumas because of his early sport career as a pro soccer player that took him through many recovery protocols from his own injuries.

His passion with Ayurveda starts when his partner Roberta (also part of the Lakshmi team) embarks on the studies to become an Ayurvedic practitioner. They both have now taken on this journey with curiosity and dedication.

Marco has always been honouring the earthy qualities in him by creating with his hands: from photography, timber work, and food plating, he loves to make everything a little piece of art.

Massaging is another form of art he really enjoys: “every time I give a massage it’s like practicing on my own body; I really focus on what I give because it is also what I will receive back. In that exchange of energy I put all myself with passion, dedication and love”.

You can find Marco available for abhyanga on Saturdays. We can’t wait to be hearing back from you!

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