Today we are commencing the first day of celebrations for the Navratri festival. Navratri spans over 9 nights to honour the different forms of the divine feminine.

Day 1: Celebrating and honouring Goddess Shailputri, the daughter of the mountains 🏔 Shailputri is an avatar of Durga (shown in this photo) and is also known as Parvati.

Shailputri rides a bull 🐄 carries a trident in her right hand, lotus in her left and has a crescent moon 🌙 situated above her head. It is said to bring good luck to the individual who honours her on this first day of Navratri 🙏🏼

So what can you do today?

Offering white 🤍 coloured foods and sweets. Setting our intention to strengthen our spiritual practice to attain the highest connection with the divine. It is also said that wearing orange 🧡 or yellow 💛on this day is auspicious.

How can you honour the divine feminine within and around you? Wearing your favourite clothing, lighting a candle 🕯 surrounding yourself with the beauty of nature 🍃 etc.

With love, the Lakshmi team 🌸 Wishing you all the health and prosperity in your life.

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