Happy International Yoga Day!

We would like to express gratitude for those whom have come before us to share the knowledge of Yoga. To India 🇮🇳 the birthplace of Yoga, we thank you for making the knowledge accessible to millions around the globe. To our teachers, friends, fellow students and communities – thank you. May we continually reflect upon the principles of yogic teaching and apply them to our individual lives 🙏🏼

Christiane is the Lakshmi Yoga Therapist and has spent years studying mainly in the lineage of Krisnamacarya with senior students of T.K.V. Desikachar. Her aim is to integrate body and mind to experience the highest effect of Yoga and to encourage and empower students on their own personal journey of transformation ✨ If you are interested in receiving a personalised yoga practice Christiane is available for yoga therapy sessions and can be contacted via email or phone. The link to contact is in our bio.

May your day be filled with Yogic practice ♥️

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