Trikatu – Three Spices Formula

Trikatu – the three spices formula 🌿
The ingredients of this formula are sunthi, maricha, and pippali (ginger, black pepper and long pepper). The energetic of the spices are pungent, heating, light and dry. It awakens digestion, digest toxins (AMA) and helps to alleviate cough, asthma and benefits breathing by clearing sticky mucus and phlegm. It is also a great remedy for hay fever.

This formulation can be helpful in low metabolism, hypothyroid, weight gain, low energy and low immunity.
This formula should be used in caution if you are suffering from high pitta 🔥 and hyperacidity.
Best to make a paste combined with honey. Honey 🍯 helps to clear mucus and enhances the cleansing action. 🍯
Ayurvedic action:
Deepana – awakens digestion 🔥
Pachana – digests toxins
Rasayana – rejuvenates, especially to Kapha and the lungs
Pinasaghna – alleviates nasal congestion 👃🏼
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