Lakshmi Ayurveda’s Varnya lepa – complexion promoting face pack is now available.

This face mask contains multiple herbs for beauty mentioned by Charaka in the category of complexion promoting herbs. We have chosen the best herbs to promote radiant skin.

A blend of Sandalwood, Manjisthadi, Sariva and more wonderful ingredients are blended together to formulate this Ayurvedic face pack (varnya lepa).

The mask can be used:

1. To improve your complexion
2. If you suffer from depigmentation
3. Shrinks enlarged pores
4. Tightening of the skin
5. Cleansing and purifying
6. Acne and other skin impurities
7. Anti-ageing
8. Anti-wrinkles
9. Stimulating for facial Marma
10. Sattvic – bliss promoting

Directions for use:
Mix with water or milk. You can add some honey if you like or orange peel to lighten your complexion.

Apply on the skin and wait for 15-30 minutes.

Wash off the mask and feel beautiful

To order your varnya lepa, you are welcome to email:


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