Bhaisajya Kalpana – Ayurvedic pharmacology 🌿🌿🌿

The world Bhaisajya Kalpana is the combination of Bhesaja (the substance/ medicine) and kalpana (processing).

Another Sanskrit word used for a medicinal substance is Ausadha. 🌿
As herbs are not readily assimilate in their ‘raw’ sate they are usually processed to enhance absorption.
Ayurveda describes five types of Kashaya Kalpana they are called Panchavidha kashaya

1. Swarasa (fresh juice of a plant)
2. Kalka (fine paste)
3. Kwatha (decoction)
4. Hima (cold infusion)
5. Phanta (hot infusion)

Ayurvedic formulations with a longer shelf life are medicated ghee 🧈, herbal wines 🍷(asavam/ arishtas), gugguls and pills 💊 they retain their potency longer then fresh herbs or powders.

There are many different classifications of kalpana such as

🌿Solid – such as a vati or gutika
🌿Semi solid – avalehya, ghrta
🌿Liquid – arishtam, taila, kwatha
🌿Powder – churna, lavana, pisti

In the picture you can see the 4 different types

The Ayurvedic pharmacy has developed many wonderful herbal preparations for disease prevention, promotion and preservation of health and to cure diseases 🙏🌿🙏
svasthasya svāsthya rakṣaṇaṃ, āturasya vikāra praśamanaṃ।
(Caraka Saṃhita Sūtra 30।26 )
Ayurveda promotes the health of a healthy person and manages or cures the disease of the patient

It is advised to see your Ayurvedic practitioner before taking any herbs.

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