Have you tried a toothpowder to clean your teeth? 🌿🦷👅

Danta is the the Sanskrit word for tooth.

We can find information about Danta in the Ayurvedic classical texts of the
🦷 Charaka and Sushruta Samhita
🦷 Astanga Samgraha and
🦷 Kasyapa Samhita. Acharya Kasyapa is the pioneer of the field and has a separate chapter on Dantajanmika (dentation).

Normal healthy teeth are strong, white, smooth without decay. The gums should be even, pink and smooth. Gums are known as Dantamansa or Dantaveshta.

According to Sushruta (Author of Sushruta Samhita) fifteen disease of the roots of the teeth and gums have been mentioned. To prevent tooth and gum disease good oral hygiene should be implemented in our Dinacharya (Daily Routine).

Ayurveda recommends herbs with a bitter and astringent taste for your oral hygiene.
They are natural antibacterial and anti fungal in nature.
Tooth powders are made out of coarse ground spices. Many of those spices we often use in daily cooking so if you swallow them it is absolutely fine.
The powder is best applied with the finger so we can feel our teeth and gums and increase our body awareness.

Gum powders are very healing for your gums herbs such as Neem and Liquorice help with mouth ulcers and sores.

Our toothpowder contains herbs and spices such as triphala, clove, neem, guduchi, jatiphala, turmeric, cinnamon and many more.

Method to use
🌿 Apply toothpowder on your finger
🌿 Rub your teeth and gums
🌿 Leave it for a few minutes
🌿 Rinse your mouth with warm water

Toothpowder are helpful in
1. Receding gums
2. Gingivitis
3. Bad breath
4. Gum inflammation
5. Mouth ulcers
6. Gum sores
7. Tooth whitening
8. Improves taste perception
9. Enhances overall oral health

We have a variety of toothpowder, gum oils, available at the clinic.
For more information email: info@lakshmiayurveda.com.au or ph: 0406810547
With Love your Lakshmi team


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