Dhumapana is the inhalation of a medicinal smoke. 💨

The smoke inhalation 💨is done after Akshi Tarpana (Ayurvedic eye treatment). 👀

The smoke is inhaled through the nose 👃🏼and exhaled through the mouth👄.

This will help to remove any excess Kapha. For the best effect and proper elimination of doshas it is repeated 3 times (3 inhalation’s and 3 exhalations/ version found in Arunodaya commentary by Govindan Vaidyar).

Akshi Tarpana (Ayurvedic eye treatment) is a treatment best practiced in the morning or evening.

A dough of barley or black gram is placed around the eyes. Keeping the eyes closed the ghee processed with the appropriate herbs is liquified. The ghee is poured to the orbit/ eye socket until the level of the tips of the eyelashes.

The patient is then asked to open the eyes and move them in a clockwise direction.
After a specific period of time the ghee is removed.

The patient then should inhale the herbal smoke and avoid to look at the sky or bright objects and reside in a darker room.
(Astanga Hrdaya Sutrasthana ).

For more information or if you suffer from dry eyes, weak eyes, macular degeneration, dropping of the eye lid, optic nerve athrophy, falling of eye lashes…. email: info@lakshmiayurveda.com.au 👁👃🏼👁

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