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Have you heard of Aragwadha (Cassia fistula)?

Aragwadha is a Sanskrit word that literally means that which eliminates or destroys the disease.

Charaka has categorised it as kusthaghna (anti dermatoses), kandughna (anti pruritic) and also recana (laxative). It’s Ayurvedic properties are rasa (taste) sweet and it has a cold potency (virya). It has Vatapitta (reducing) qualities also Samshramana (bowel cleansing attributes).

Karma/ Action: Vata reducing by madhura (sweet) and Singdha (properties) and Pitta reducing by sheeta (cool) veerya.

The flowers look to so beautiful and are used for medicinal purpose as well as the fruit pulp, root bark, and the leaves.

Therapeutic uses:
1. Kustha/ skin disease: leaves of Aragvadhadi are pounded with sour gruel (kanji) and applied on the affected part. Also useful in ringworm
2. Amavata/ rheumatoid arthritis: The leaves of Aragvadhadi are fried in mustard oil and taken in the evening followed by a meal. It alleviates AMA.
3. Jaundice: Aragvadha in the dose of 40 gm should be taken with the juice of sugarcane it is helpful in alleviating jaundice.

Ayurvedic preparations with Aragwadha are Aragvadhadi taila. Aragvadhadi leha, Aragvadharistha, Aragwadhi kashayam. ….and many more

Sanskrit synonyms for Aragwadha
Shampakaha– the fruit having good omen
Vyadhighata -cures disease
Rajavrisksha -beautiful/ majestic tree
Suvarnakaha – With Beautiful Yellow Color
Dirghaphala – Having Long Fruit

If you live in the Perth area in Western Australia keep your eyes open for this magical tree.
With love from Lakshmi Ayurveda 🌼🌼🌼
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