Panchakarma at Lakshmi Ayurveda

Thank you to our client and friend for sharing her Panchakarma experience and placing trust in us. From our hearts we love what we do at Lakshmi Ayurveda and we are looking forward to welcoming you. With love 💓

Panchakarma testimonial:

I was lucky enough to have searched up Lakshmi Ayurveda and had actually no idea of Ayurvedic

treatment or Ayurveda in general. What a revelation what a tremendous find this incredible health care system developed thousands of years ago came into my life. With the guidance from Karin I started with my first steps into world Ayurveda.Karin was extremely careful with her suggestions into changing my diet/ lifestyle/ mindset my strong Pitta dosha perhaps helped me strive to make sure I stuck to everything Karin suggested, glad I did having severe Hot flushes 40 a day and having had breast cancer anything to improve my physical body I took to with gusto . I began a Panchkarma 3 week program at Lakshmi Ayurveda and was guided through the whole process with the outmost care, professional service and above all Love from all the wonderful staff at Lakshmi Ayurveda. My world has changed I will forever be grateful to Karin and girls for the supreme gift of Ayurveda, I feel as though life now has a completeness I feel fantastic well rounded and back into life. I now impart snippets of Ayurveda into my grown up children I absolutely love it when they ask about Ayurveda and I laugh when I play mantras that Karin gave me and my children start humming along how perfect !

One day during treatment I turned to Erica who was massaging me and I said i to her “ Ayurvedic treatment is the holy grail of health care” and truthfully it really is.

Greatest respect to Karin and girls for what has now become my new normal.
Andrea Deane

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