Try a Padabhyanga (foot massage )before you go to bed tonight.

As the snake 🐍 doesn’t approach the 🦅 eagle, so disease doesn’t affect the person who massages his feet before sleeping.

Massaging your feet before bedtime promotes a tranquil sleep. 😴😴😴

Padabhyanga with tila thailam (sesame oil)or ghrta (ghee) calms the Vata Dosha and has a strengthening effect on Chakshurindriya (sense of sight).

It is beneficial to combine your padabhyanga with a herbal/ floral foot/or epsom salt foot 🛁 bath.

A footbath was traditionally offered to visitors after a long journey.
It is also often given before the Abhyanga oil massage. Given before a treatment it benefits more than just the feet as it revitalises the nervous system, improves the circulation and provides a feeling of wellbeing.

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