Have you practiced TRIKONASANA before?

Tri = three; Kon = angle. The aim of the posture is to make a triangle with the help of your hands and feet.

The posture strengthens and compresses the sides, strengthens the rib-cage, muscles in abdomen and pelvis and massages the internal organs. Through continued practice it helps to relieve stiff neck and shoulders, back, knees as well as relieves tension, depression, sluggishness and constipation.

Effect on Dosha:
Vata – decreasing
Pitta – increasing
Kapha – decreasing

Best not to practice this posture if you suffer from dizziness, high blood pressure, diarrhoea, hip or ankle injury.

Duration: each side for 30 seconds.

I like to use a block as a prop placing it under the hand next to the foot.

1. Align your hips square to your body before bending
2. Practice with wider stance and deeper extension to the side
3. Do not overstretch and strain
4. When body weight is taken by your legs, upper body is light
5. Maintain a steady even breathing

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