Valentine’s Day Treat 😍

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Instead of purchasing chocolates today, try this delicious and organic rose halva as a healthier alternative!

• 1 large handful of golden raisins
• 1 large handful of cashews
• ¼ cup ghee
• 1 ½ cup water
• 1 tablespoon of organic rose water
• 1 cup of farina, also known as cream of wheat
• 1 cup of raw sugar or an alternative of your choice
• Pinch of ground cardamom

• Melt the ghee. Add the raisins and cashews to brown and set aside.
• Boil water. When it has cooled add the rose water. Make sure the rose water is food grade!
• In saucepan mix the cream of wheat and ghee together and cook over medium heat until light brown. About 3 minutes.
• Add the sugar and cardamom followed by the water, raisins and cashews.
• Continue to stir to avoid lumps over medium heat, about one minute.
• Pour into a cake pan and press flat. Let it cool and cut to serve.

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With lots of love from the Lakshmi Team – Enjoy the recipe and the day of love!

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Maharishi Organic Rose Halva Recipe

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