Shankha Marma therapy is a wonderful way to calm the Pitta Dosha.

Did you know: the Shankha (temple) Marma strongly pacifies Pitta? Gently massage your Shankha Marma with Brahmi, Jatamamsi or Sandalwood oil (avoid heavy pressure).

Location: At the temple, slightly posterior to the eye brows. Shankha translated as conch, derives its name from that the temporal bone resembles part of a conch shell.

Left Shankha – relates to duodenum and descending colon

Right Shankha – relates to stomach and ascending colon

1. Strongly pacifies Pitta
2. Relives headache
3. Relives stomach pain, decreases Acidity
4. Regulates colon
5. Benefits ears, eyes, teeth and face
6. Influences speech
7. Reduces emotional stress, calms the mind

• Migraines, headaches in temporal region
• High acidity gastritis, peptic ulcer, duodenal ulcer
• Gallstones, colitis, colon dysfunction
• Vertigo, Ménière’s disease
• Otitis media, tinnitus
• Trigeminal neuralgia, Bell’s palsy

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