Have you tried using Hing in your cooking?

Hing or Hingu is a very calming herb and useful in bloating, distension and digestive disorder having carminative properties. The word Hingu is a Sanskrit synonym meaning – effective in thousand ways.
The English word for Hing is Asafoetida.

The resin is collected as an exudate from the root. Unfortunately hing available in many stores is blended with flour, maize and other additives. Hing is primarily from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and some parts of Kashmir. At Lakshmi Ayurveda we have Hing available without any additives.

Hing is used in small quantities, it strong flavour make it a great garlic or onion substitute. Hing always need to be sautéed and should not be used raw (best to sauté in Ghee). It will not only give your food a wonderful flavour, it will help digestion and prevents bloating and wind especially when you are eating legumes.

The ayurvedic properties are heating, light and sharp making it is helpful in reducing Vata and Kapha dosha and it increases the pitta dosha.

  • Ayurvedic actions of Hing are:
    Deepana/ digestive
    Pachana/ toxin digestive
    Sulaprasamana/ alleviates intestinal spasm
    Krimighna/ vermifuge (anti parasites)
    Anulomana/ redirects and promotes the flow of the Apana vayu
    Artavajanana/ promotes the flow of the menses
    Vedanasthapana/ pain reducing.
    Swasahara/ herbs that are useful in breathing difficulties e.g. asthma

Useful combination and tips:
• Make a paste with warm water and apply on navel area to alleviate abdominal pain in children
• Apply the paste on the chest to help in relieving cough
• Nasal drops of medicated water with hing are helpful in treating colds and migraine.
• Wrap the roasted hing powder in a cotton swab, helpful in alleviating tooth ache.
• Hing, ginger, cardamon and fennel are helpful to improve digestion and increasing agni
• Hingwasthak churna is a classical ayurvedic formulation for digestive disorder regulating Apana vayu.

Enjoy your meal prepared with Hing. Experience the taste and feel the benefit.

Make your meal intake a sacred experience and thank the universe for its abundance.
With love from Lakshmi Ayurveda

For any questions, we love to hear from you: info@lakshmiayurveda.com.au


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