Paada – means feet and heels
Dari/Darana – means cracking

Have you looked at your feet recently and thought your heels have had better times?

The Vayu located in the foot soles gets aggravated when one is frequently exposed to causative factors, causing roughness of the skin resulting in cracking. This is known as Padadari.

The Causative factors of Padadari, as mentioned in the Ancient Ayurvedic texts are:

• Intake of Vata aggravating diet
• Dry, rough, sharp, hot and spicy food such as junk food, oily food, deep fried, excess spices and high intake of raw food
• Certain activities like excessive walking, bare foot walking, walking with hard improper footwear, exposure to cold water, standing for a longer duration
• In summer, rainy, autumn and winter seasons
• Obesity
• Middle-aged women
• Diabetes
• Lack of a daily routine (Dinacharya)

Ayurvedic treatment principles:

1. Snehana/Oleation: application of medicated oil. Mix oils such as sesame oil, castor oil, Jatyadi taila mixed with equal part of Ashwagandha taila.
2. Daily foot massage (pada abhyanga): Use Kasa bowl (bronze bowl specifically for foot massage) or Kansa wand.
3. Svedana/Sudation: Soak and wash your feet with warm salt water.
4. Lepana/Paste application: Use herbs such as Manjistha, Neem, Yasthimadhu, Sandalwood and Haritaki. Apply daily for 20 minutes.
5. Moisturize: Use Beeswax (Madhucchistha), honey and Shatadhauta ghrita.
• Shatadhauta ghrita is amazing! This is ghee washed with water 100 times. This makes the ghee silky smooth and more butter like in consistency.
• Shatadhauta ghrita is wonderful to apply on cracked heels. Best mixed with herbs such as turmeric, licorice , neem and sandalwood powder.
• 1 cup of Shatadhauta ghrita with 3 tsp of turmeric is an effective combination.

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Have a beautiful day and don’t forget to look after your feet

The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground.

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