Panchakarma Testimonial – Yoga Basti

I wanted to share with you all, a WONDERFUL Ayurvedic healer Karin from Lakshmi Ayurveda

I had a Yoga Basti (part of the Panchakarma) 9 day cleanse & other treatments, for a few things; allergies, food intolerances, bowel disease (crohns) & healing for my Uterus (after 3 miscarriages).
All I can say is WOW!!.. I am feeling so much better already & im on my way to health & vitality once again. My bowel & uterus have responded instantly to the treatments, I no longer have terrible pain (in either area) – things are coming back to normal.

Karin is so loving, supportive & a wealth of amazing knowledge. I am blown away! After years of many different doctors, natural healing & remedies, I have found what works for me – Ayurveda & my Angel Karin. What a blessing to find someone so in tune with my spiritual path & who is in alignment with energy, knowledge & heart
I highly recommend going to Karin!!

Faith Pereira

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