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Wonderful Workshops Available – Learn More About Ayurveda and Yoga

Lakshmi Ayurveda Yoga Workshop

We are very happy to announce an Ayurvedic and Yoga workshop on Sunday 27th of April! This is the first of a series of workshop conducted by Yoga Teacher Christiane Steinward and Ayurveda practitioner Karin Gunthor.

We will be covering topics such as

  1. Ayurvedic body type – learn more about the doshas, your body type (Prakriti) and suitable yoga and pranayama practice
  2. Dinacharya/ Rtucharya – daily and seasonal regimes
  3. Ahara/ Vihara – follow a diet/ lifestyle to suit your Ayurvedic body type (Prakriti)
  4. Panchakarma – Ayurveda’s unique body cleansing treatments.

This is only a small preview of the workshops to come. All sessions will be held at the beautiful Sivananda Ashram at the Beacon Yoga Centre.

Date: Sunday 27th of April 9am – 1pm, cost $100

For expression of interest, booking or enquiries please contact

Phone Karin: 0406 810 547 or Christiane: 0420997037

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  1. Susan Carr March 30, 2014 Reply

    I am very interested in attending any workshops re Ayurveda …in Perth.
    Please let me know of dates and cost. Thank you.

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